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Ambition Capital Group

Ambition Capital Group was founded to help busy professionals passively invest in creating and maintaining wealth. We invest in real assets that are selected to align with investors’ financial goals, whether that be diversifying income, increasing cash flow, reducing taxes, or building wealth to leave a legacy. We partner with experienced operators in the real world that allow investors to invest in Main Street options instead of the Wall Street casinos.

Ambition Capital Group founder and CEO, Michael Meade bought his first rental property at the age of 24 and, since then, has significantly grown his portfolio. After recognizing tremendous potential in real estate, Michael decided to help others share his successes and opportunities. Michael founded Ambition Capital Group in December 2021 with the mission of assisting professionals to acquire real assets with high yields, tax advantages, and the ability to grow and preserve equity.

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The #1 Best Strategy to Increase Your Income AND Net Worth Without Increasing Your Taxes

Founder of Ambition Capital Group, Michael Meade, shares his tips on how to grow your net worth passively while legally paying no taxes. By investing in real assets that align with your financial goals, you can ride the wave of inflation, while receiving tax-free income for years. He tackles common arguments holding people back from investing and how to combat those to allow you to participate in investment opportunities with 6-20% in returns.